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Create e-mail links

E-mail links are those hyperlinks that, instead of pointing to a web page, open the default e-mail client with the To text field already completed (with an e-mail address).

In D-Web, you can create an e-mail link by using the Link button from the toolbar (click the button icon on the left). In the window that pops-up when you press this button, instead of entering the URL to a web page, enter "mailto:" immediately followed by the address to which you want e-mails to be sent:


Just as explained here,

  1. if you made no selection in page before clicking this button, the hyperlink text entered will be displayed in page:


  2. if you made a selection (image, text) in page before clicking the Link button to create an e-mail link, that selection will become an e-mail link:

    • Text selection:


    • Image selection:

      When selecting (single-click) an image in the editable area, the Image Properties panel will open in the lower part of the interface. If the image is at the same time a link, you have to click the <A> tag in the Tag Selector so that the Link Properties panel will open.


Clicking the e-mail link when you preview the page in browser will open the window where you can type the message to-be-sent to that address.

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