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Clean HTML content

When inserting one or more paragraphs already formatted with another word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word or OpenOffice), the size of the HTML code could considerably increase. This phenomenon is due to the export methods used by those applications that insert into the HTML code many, and mostly useless HTML tags.

With D-Web you can clean-up the HTML code of these extra tags by using the Clean HTML Content button from the toolbar:


There are three possibilities from which you can choose:

  1. Clean Word Markup - it removes all the unnecessary Microsoft Word tags.

  2. Clean Inline Styles - it removes all the CSS styles.

  3. Clean All Formatting Tags - it removes all formatting tags from the page, except for the <p> tags (paragraph that includes the selection).

The clean-up process affects the current selection, or the entire page if no selection was made. The result is a cleaner and more accurate code.

Note: The three options apply to the selection and its parent tag. For example, if you select two words in a <p> tag, the command will be applied to the entire paragraph.

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